Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Premature Blogulation

Howdy Cats 'n Kittens,

Is there no end to my tacky greetings? I know I threatened to cease and desist blogging for a brief spell, but had some fresh goss I just had to share. It's actually been an eventful week...and it's only Tuesday!

First off, Brad and Angie were on the warpath this week after some bloggers leaked footage of their Namibian baby shower. As I could truly give a shit (and I'm sure the feeling is mutual), I've decided to be a renegade and post the pic anyway. Do me a favor and don't report me to those litigious mock do-gooders, will ya?

Shower by Waylon & Madam

Boy these two sure keep us guessing!

RIP Aaron Spelling
Well kids, it's the end of an era. Aaron Spelling has passed on at age 83 after suffering a stroke. Apparently, the hills of Hollyweird are buzzing because it seems that, as Tori's been at war with her parents over their unflattering depictions in NoTORIous and her other adulterous actions, she is out and out lying about all this "We made up" crap and never actually reconciled with her father before he passed. The official statement issued by her family even reads, "Love, Candy & Randy Spelling"...no Tori anywhere. Just say cha-ching as that'll cost her another few mil in therapy and other women's hubbys willing to be her human billboard...

As I am now officially an old crone, I have adopted a decidedly un-me policy about not leaving my house after 7:30 pm. But thanks to my dear pal Nancy, I wrestled free my self-imposed restraints and rode her cool-ass coattails into a big NYC celeb infested bash for Hennessy's new style guide, Manifest XO, at Sky Studios last night. As I'm working on a project for said brand, I actually had professional cause to drink on a Monday night. Had a blast, met cool people, drank lots of Spirit and took in the high falutin' ways of assorted NY players and Sex and the City rejects.

Saw Tracey Ross-hyphensomething (Diana's actress daughter) & Steve-O from Jackass working the crowd. Kanye West and John Legend were supposed to perform, but I likely turned into a punkin before they did. Also could've sworn I saw Jermaine DuPre (sp?) standing next to me but I wasn’t so sure…

Quote of the Week
My pal Stephen, son Dylan and I were cruising Court Street in Brooklyn on the hunt for Spiderman scoop (they were filming down my hood's main thoroughfare). I see yet another five foot nine, 100 lb woman pushing a double stroller of twins that couldn't have been more than 5 minutes old and begin to foam at the mouth with jealousy.

Me: "Goddamn it! How do all these bitches get skinnny so quick?"
Stephen: "For god's sake, look at her. She eats nothing and her kids are the size of turds."

If that ain't consolation at its finest, I don't know what is!

We are off to NH to play with family this 4th. So whatever you do, have fun!!!


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