Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Frightening - The Stroller Edition

Hey Folks,

I know...I know...I've been out of commish for a lil' while now. As work is (fortunately) piling up, things may go from bad to worse for just a little bit. But I did come across a few luscious tidbits to shout about in the meantime:

First off, I hate to say I missed Britney's tearful tell all on Dateline, but I did check out this photo of her appearance. Here's what NOT to do when you are pregnant/newly birthed:

So Horrific You Just Can't Stop Staring

Now I've taken a zillion pix like this...thighs bulging, tits slung low, smiling gleefully in spite of acne and bad hair but with all her cashish, what the f* is her excuse?

Now here IS what to do when you are preggo/newly birthed:

Pretty People Make More Pretty People

Take a tip Brit!

BTW: Heidi and Seal are procreating again. Goddamn that woman is a baby machine!
When seeing how she sashays around with her perfect body within seconds after hatching each kid, I think I speak for us all when I say...BITCH!

When Strollers Collide
I love my neighborhood. It's Father's Day, and I'm scrambling with Dylan to score the last of Brad's loot, when lo and behold I nearly collide head on with a Bugaboo at breakneck speed. After grumbling apologies at each other, I finally lift my gaze up from the stroller to the offender and it's none other than Heath Ledger, sporting a big gruff beard and hat. Michelle was very cute, clad in white and yapping into her cell phone. It's good to know these celebs a) have great taste in neighborhoods and b)spend Father's Day pushing their own goddamn strollers like the rest of us schlubs.

The Spiderman Cometh
Speaking of my 'hood, it's about to be taken under siege by the Spiderman 3 filming crew. They are towing cars and everything. You just know I'll be nosy and will be sure to post any pix if I get the camera phone on the schtick fast enough!

Proud to Know Ya
It's Pride week here in NYC, so there's plenty of trouble to get into. If you are on the march, be sure to visit my friend Jen Liseo as she launches her amazing line of t-shirts called Rockonwitchabadself. She'll be grinnin' and sellin' the garb at her booth on Washington Street between Morton and Barrow. I've seen 'em and they are GEEN-YUS.

See ya peeps and if I don't get to you before - Happy 4th Long Weekend!


Kathy said...

Just slap some wheels on her house Oh Man! This is what happens when air head "pop" stars go out with out their publisist in tow!

toby said...

britney insisted on doing it all herself (hair, makeup, dress) and she really failed poorly.

here is a link to the interview.


hooray for youtube.

Momma Comma said...

I heard about the publicist thing...
tsk tsk...poor Brit!