Friday, May 26, 2006

Justice is Served

Howdy Kids,

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend! I'm sure you are all chomping at the bit to be off to your weekend plans, so I thought I'd help you wile away those last precious hours at work before freedom is upon you

Disclaimer: Yes, I know the fonts are all jacked up but I'm tired of wrestling with this pedestrian user friendly tool. Please ignore the ransom note appearance of this blog and focus on the content.

First off, if this isn't an eye-opener, I don't know what is:

Kate Enters CCD
Crack Cocaine Deliverance

Granted, I'm no prize without my face paint but YIKES! What a sad state of affairs that is! It sure is nice to know she can't get away with everything. And it makes you feel a lot better about yourself, doesn't it?

The Week in TV

American Idol

There is justice! Even if it's served by a real geek. That Katharine must give hella head to get Simon to conveniently overlook that painful screetch she emitted during that bile-inducing Diane Warren power ballad.

The folks at AI have got to do something about these final variety show extravaganzas. I DVR'ed it and it's a damn good thing I could fast forward. I felt like I was watching the Lawrence Welk show and I didn't want to do that when I was four, let alone kissing forty on the lips.

Top Chef
ith Harold's win, justice was served here with a five course tasting menu. It's always so gratifying when the nice guy finishes first. And speaking of just desserts, my fave "I'm not your bitch, bitch" Dave got to shine one last time with his amazing dessert, which weasel finalist Tiffani tried to get credit for. And he made it drunk off his ass to boot. Don't these idiots realize that cameras are clocking their every move? It's on the release genius!

The Apprentice
I don't know what's up with reality TV, but I'm all about the mens this year. Those annoying sorority sisters were such a waste of space. I'm SO GLAD it's between Sean and Lee. Lee is one of the most savvy marketers I've seen on the show in ages and Sean has that damn suave accent. May the best bloke win.

The Sopranos
I think I speak for all of us when I say - at last! Blood shed and blowjobs! Nice juxtapositions between the beauty and ugly of life. I was sure the long suffering Carmela was going to run into Furio on the Seine, but sadly I was wrong.

Photo of the Week:

Rob & Keanu Are So High They Levitate


For all you Oprah lovers and haters out there:
You've simply got to read my friend Alex's hilarious diatrabe calling out Oprah's idiosyncrasies. Talk about spot on! Check it!

Quote of the Week:
"Look, man. Life is
not a cabaret."
- Jennifer Burkart, Domestic Diva Extraordinaire, Atlanta, GA

Enjoy the weekend cats and kittens!!


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