Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blog, Schmog

Hey World,

Yep. I did it. I joined the masses and started a blog.

Blog, schmog. Call it peer pressure. Call it feeling old. Call it what you will.

I fought it. I did. And now I've fucking folded.

I might do it for a living for others, but eventually it became screamingly apparent that I didn't have a place of my own to write masturbatory drivel in cyberspace.

So here I am.

As I write for a living and have a kid, I make no promises as to how often I'll be able to update this thing. But I feel good that it's here anyway.

What do I have to offer you? That's a good question. I guess I'm calling it Momma Comma because that's what I am - a mom, a writer and more. What is more? Whatever I fucking feel like, that's what.

I dig my family, the media -- especially the trashy media -- my friends, music, art, summertime, travel, fashion, TV (seeing as I don't get out like I used to) and good food. So the topic will likely cover one of these areas.

So here goes numero uno:

My friend Dana came over yesterday for an ersatz "playdate," where we get to gab about our bullshit and our kids happily entertain themselves for an hour. We were covering our usual gamut of topics - husbands, kids, TV, media, blah friking blah and she dropped one helluva bombshell that goes to show how the gifted folks in spin city craft reality to sell the tabloids that I so rabidly consume.

So without further ado, we get to Angelina Jolie and her 'risky' African adventure.

Folks, Dana has actually BEEN to Namibia. And as our Angelina and her publicist would have you believe she is out there, the pinnacle of bravery, nine months pregnant, dodging bobcats with Zahara strapped on in a Bjorn in the African bush, I'm hereby breaking the news that she sure as fuck ain't.

Because the coast of Namibia is predominantly WHITE resort community for moneyed Europeans! She and her BAMZ clan have rented out LUXURY resorts populated with largely German tourists. The only Africans she is mixing with are serving her fresh squeezed fruit juice.

So HA Angelina. You are OUTED.

Till the next time peeps!


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toby said...

i'm sure she's relaxin' with a PAWPAW PARADISE right now!